Themba teaches the children

Several years ago, a young boy called Themba lived in one of our South African cities. He was invited to join a children’s class in his neighbourhood. In the company of other children he learned prayers, songs and stories that touched him. When his family moved to a township on the outskirts of the city, Themba noticed that there were many children in his neighbourhood. Inspired by what he had learned in the children’s class, he decided to be of service to those younger than himself and started a class of his own. A large number of children began to regularly take part in the children’s class. There were so many children that Themba needed help, so he shared his vision with those around him. One of his neighbours decided to join him and help him teach the classes.

Together, Themba and his neighbour taught the children many of the songs, stories and quotations from the Holy Writings, which he had learnt in his younger days. As they nurtured the hearts and minds of the children, they also began to develop their own capacities in becoming more effective teachers of children classes.

Themba’s intention to serve his community inspired those around him. Several of his friends also arose in service by starting their own children’s classes while others engaged with younger youth in other activities. The adults, also excited by the transformation in their children and youth – some so touched by the act of their children teaching them the prayers they had learnt – became more and more supportive and willing to join in these endeavours.